Learning Arabic in Jordan: A Unique Experience of Culture and Language

Learning Arabic in Jordan: A Unique Experience of Culture and Language

Learning Arabic in Jordan will be your best decision, why? Jordan has become a popular destination for foreigners who want to learn Levantine Arabic, and for good reasons.

Nate, a student at CGE Jordan, shares his experience of learning Arabic, living in Jordan, and traveling in the Middle East. From the Jordanian delicious food to the hospitality of the people, he talks about the unique and enriching experience of studying in Jordan.

Nate’s experience in Jordan was truly unforgettable! He and his colleagues spent four months in this beautiful country and got to experience the local culture and way of life. They explored all the major tourist sites and historical landmarks, such as Petra, Jerash, and the Dead Sea. But what made their experience even more special was the time they spent at CGE Jordan.

At CGE Jordan, Nate and his colleagues not only studied Arabic five days a week, but they also got to learn more about the local culture and traditions. They had the opportunity to study both Levantine and MSA and had some Jordanian fun with us. The highlight of their experience was the authentic experiences they had with their instructors, which gave them a deeper understanding of the Jordanian way of life.

Nate’s story is a great example of how learning Arabic can be a fun and enriching experience. If you want to learn Arabic and experience the rich culture of Jordan, CGE Jordan is the perfect place to start.

In conclusion, learning Arabic in Jordan is not just about learning the language, but also about experiencing the rich culture of the country. Nate’s experience is a testament to the fact that studying Arabic at CGE Jordan can be a life-changing experience. If you’re interested in learning Arabic and experiencing Jordanian culture, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Living and studying in Amman was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My buddies and I spent four months here on a semester abroad program and pretty much did as much as we possibly could in Jordan.
We hit all the major tourist and history sites, got SCUBA certified in Aqaba, ate Mansaf (with our hands!) and made so many friends. A big part of this experience was CGE Jordan, where we studied five days a week and went out regularly with our instructors for some serious, authentic, Jordanian fun. This was the highlight of our experience here.

For me personally not only did I learn an incredible amount of Arabic (from the 101, of course), but I learned what it is like to be a foreigner. This not only increased my appreciation for the world outside of America, but also gave me a deeper respect for what I missed in my own country. Everyone who has traveled will be able to relate. These are the things that I hope to take back with me to the States.

I know I will forget some Arabic, but I know I will be able to get it back in with some more study. But I hope I do not forget all the life lessons that people taught me here about hospitality, family, tradition, and kindness.

I also hope I can replicate the mouth-watering Maqluba that filled me up so many times in the homes of these wonderful people.

انبسطت في كُل لحظة هون بالاردن وبتمنى ارجع على هاي البلد بالمستقبل. شكراً لكُل شخص في المعهد على هاي التجربة الممتازة. نصيحتي الوحيدة للأجانب، ازا بتقدروا تقرأوا هاي وأنا كتبتها صح، ديروا بالكم مع الأكل. الأكل كتير زاكي بس كمان كتير ثقيل فلازم تاكل خوخ ولوز أخضر ومكسرات وخضار الا ازا بتحب تصير معدتك ماسكة زَيّي! …بالتوفيق!

-Nate, aka “Naseem”.

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