The 101 Most Used Verbs in Spoken Arabic: Jordan & Palestine (4th Edition, 2020)


The 101 Most Used Verbs in Spoken Arabic, By Fridrik E. Tiedemann Jr.


Learn Arabic Easily with The 101 Most Used Verbs in Spoken Arabic book with over 12 hours of high quality MP3 files included with purchase (free download link).

The 101 Most Used Verbs in Spoken Arabic: Jordan & Palestine is more than just a book of most used verbs. Its author, the founding director of CGE Jordan Institute for Arabic Studies, has spent almost two decades perfecting and honing this resource.

This book is the definitive resource for Spoken Arabic containing everything a student needs to gain fluency in speaking and understanding the everyday language used by Arabs in the Levant (Jordan, Palestine, Syria, & Lebanon).

The new and expanded Fourth edition of the 101 Book contains more than 1000 definitions from the top 101 high frequency verbs as well as very practical sample sentences which provide crucial context students of Arabic need for mastery.

The 101 Most Used Verbs in Spoken Arabic will enable any student of Arabic to isolate and master the most frequently used verbs in Arabic while also being able to acquire another 700 high frequency verbs found within the verb inflection charts appendix.
Also new in the Fourth edition is a section devoted to active participles derived from the 101 Verbs along with the context-rich, practical sentences learners have come to expect from the 101 Book.

Surprisingly, the 101 Book contains one of the most exhaustive lists available for crucially important broken plural nouns.

These are broken down into “The Big Dozen” broken plural patterns, making it easier for students to make sense of this once daunting area.
All of these along with many other helpful tools, including over twelve hours of high-quality digital audio available by download and free with every purchase, make this book the best ever written for Spoken Arabic.

The 101 Book has been used by thousands of students, both in the classroom and for personal study. It has proven itself to be an essential book for serious students of Arabic dialect.

How to purchase:

The 101 Most Used Verbs in Spoken Arabic: Jordan & Palestine (4th Edition, 2020) Book.


1) CGE Jordan (CGE Jordan students receive discounted rate when purchasing in our institute).
2) The Good Bookshop (Jabal Amman), tel: +962 6 461 3939
3) University Bookshop (Across from the University of Jordan), tel: +962 6 533 0211
4) Readers Bookshop (7th Circle), tel: +962 6 582 8488
5) ABC Books L.L.C (Queen Rania Street), tel: +962 79 7121 818


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