Arabic proverb and it’s story: اللِي اسْتَحْوا ماتُوا

Arabic proverb and it's story: اللِي اسْتَحْوا ماتُوا \ اللي استحوا ماتوا _ مثل عربي شعبي متداول

❝Those who were ashamed died.❞

We usually use this Arabic proverb (الي استحوا ماتوا \ يلي استحوا ماتوا) when a person or a group does an unacceptable act, and they act normally as if they did not do what they did.

The events of the story go back to Ottoman Empire times, specifically to the period of their rule over Damascus, where Damascene baths were widespread in the past and are now known as market baths. One day, a big fire broke out in one of the old baths, forcing the people inside to go out without clothes to escape from the fire, but a group of them refused to escape from the bathroom without clothes, feeling shy, and unfortunately, they all died inside because of the big fire, and when the fire was extinguished, people asked who were the ones who died? The owner of the bathroom said: “Those who were ashamed died.”

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