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Whether you're a working professional, a diplomat, a university student, or a career-aspiring adult learner, we have something designed with you in mind.  Over the last decade, we have consistently sought to tweak and perfect everything we do.  Our study programs reflect a sincere commitment to meet our clients' needs and to surpass their expectations.  We believe our quality is unmatched and we look forward to helping you reach your Arabic potential.

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As the name suggests, our Core Track Study is CGE Jordan's flagship study program.  The reason for this is that it offers students the best of both worlds: 1) A small study group (3-6 students) -- ideal for speaking practice and critical exercises -- and 2) a low tuition rate.

Core Track Study utilizes "The Arabic Capsules" curriculum which has been designed by our founding director and is exclusively used at CGE Jordan.  The Arabic Capsules are designed to be a balanced curriculum which grows a student's speaking proficiency in three critical areas:

  1. Acquiring and using high-frequency task/topic-based vocabulary
  2. Understanding and using key grammar structures
  3. Increasing fluency (speed of speech) and accuracy in speaking

All Core Track Study courses are comprised of 96 in-class study hours and usually taken over a period of six weeks (with a few exceptions).  Core Track groups meet four times per week for four hours each day.  Groups typically meet on Mondays through Thursdays from 9:30am to 1:30pm (except for the Winter session).  These courses are offered seven times over the course of each year.  Upcoming course dates are as follows:

  • Spring I 2020 (5 weeks: Feb 16 - Mar 26)
  • Spring II 2020 (6 weeks: Apr 12 - May 21)
  • Summer I 2020 (4 weeks: May 26 - Jul 2)
  • Summer II 2020 (6 weeks: Jul 5 - Aug 13)
  • Fall I 2020 (6 weeks: Sep 6 - Oct 10)
  • Fall II 2020 (6 weeks: Oct 18 - Nov 26)

Core Track Study Tuition Rate: 576 JOD per course

Apply for CORE TRACK STUDY through our secure online application.


Special Track Study is our signature program for those students who need alternate study hours or customized-study for their particular needs.  Typically, the type students who find Special Track Study to be right for them are as follows:

  • Career professionals with limited time to study
  • Students who are flying into Jordan for short-term, intensive study
  • Students whose study hours do not coincide with Core Track Study hours
  • Students who want to focus on specialized study, such as Media Arabic, Modern Standard grammar, topic-specific study, targeted-skills practice, etc.

This study program can be uniquely-catered to the needs of the student.  Students may study 1-to-1 or in a small group, as they desire.  Hourly tuition rates are calculated according to several factors, including the amount of study hours, the length of study, and the type of study proposed.  To propose study and receive tuition rates for your study, please take a moment to complete our secure online application.

Apply for SPECIAL TRACK STUDY through our secure online application.


Our online study program went live in 2012 and continues to draw interest.  Essentially, it is the online version of our signature Special Track Study program.  But, unlike Special Track Study, students have the option of studying during the evening hours (Jordan time zone).  Students who fit any of the following descriptions, may want to consider our online study option:

  • Students living outside of Jordan
  • Expatriates living in Jordan who cannot make the commute to our institute
  • Students who have studied Arabic previously and would like to maintain or upgrade their Arabic language abilities

Like Special Track Study, online study can be uniquely-catered to the needs of the student.  Presently, online study is only available in a 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 (student-to-instructor) format.  Hourly tuition rates are calculated according to several factors, including the time of the study, the amount of study hours, the length of study, the type of study proposed.  To propose study and receive tuition rates for online study, please fill out our secure online application.

Apply for ONLINE STUDY through our secure online application.


If you are a university student and would like to experience immersive Arabic language and culture while also receiving academic credit toward your degree, then CGE’s intensive Arabic study abroad program is for you.  Since 2007, CGE Jordan has been welcoming students from the USA and other countries for intensive Arabic study abroad.

Our study abroad program is unbelievably great.  We have designed it with many extras not found in any other program.  Not only is it the most affordable program of any Arabic study abroad program in Jordan, it is also the most feature-packed program available, with more personal attention, more intensive Arabic, more in-country excursions, and the only program of its kind to offer a full-board, all-expenses paid trip to Sharm Al-Sheikh, Egypt for snorkeling and camel-riding fun!

Since Arabic is considered a high-priority language by the U.S. State Department, students from the USA and other countries find it easier to obtain scholarships for their study.

Here are some of the many scholarship opportunities available to Arabic study applicants.

Go to CGE USA's website for more details about study abroad.

Apply for ARABIC STUDY ABROAD through our secure online application.


Diplomats and other government employees have a wide variety of needs when it comes to Arabic study.  Some desire to study part-time with an instructor at their place of work and some prefer online study to improve their Arabic.  There are those who need short-term intensive study in Jordan followed by weekly online study from their home countries, while others are committed to several years of daily intensive Arabic study in Jordan.  For this reason, we have designed a separate application process for diplomats and other government employees.

Diplomatic Track Study may include Arabic dialect and/or Modern Standard Arabic to suit the needs of our diplomatic clients.  Both study and a full range of hospitality services are customizable and can be expanded or limited according to the wishes of the client.

Apply for DIPLOMATIC TRACK STUDY through our secure online application.


Why evaluate someone’s language?

Periodic language evaluations have proven to be of critical importance to effective language acquisition.  CGE Jordan offers testing services for both CGE Jordan students and those from other centers.  We are the leader in Jordan of ACTFL OPI testing services and have conducted hundreds of evaluations since we began offering the service in 2009.

What is the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview?

The ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview is the most recognized test in the United States for evaluating one’s speaking abilities.  It is a live, recorded 10-20 minute conversation, between a trained interviewer and the candidate.  The test is standardized and a reliable measure of how well a person speaks a language.  Interviewees are asked a set of personalized questions with the goal of gathering a good sample of speech which is later used to rate against the proficiency levels described in ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines.

To be ratable, a speech sample must clearly demonstrate the highest sustained level of performance of the speaker (known as the “floor”) and the level at which the speaker can no longer sustain the performance (known as the “ceiling”), over a variety of topics. Although the Oral Proficiency Interview is highly technical, it appears to the candidate to be much more like a normal conversation than an oral test.

How is the OPI rated?

The OPI assesses language proficiency in terms of the ability to use the language effectively and appropriately in real-life situations.  The test does not consider the educational background of the candidate or the veracity of the content given but, rather, his/her ability to communicate practically and proficiently.  The OPI does not compare one individual’s performance to others, but each individual performance to the assessment criteria.

All Oral Proficiency Interviews conducted at CGE Jordan are doubly-rated by two raters and one final rating is given.  Candidates are evaluated and ratings are given according to the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for Speaking (2012).

How are the results delivered and when can I expect them?

OPI results are sent by email to the candidate and/or another party that he/she designates.  The email will contain

1) a PDF document containing the candidate’s Global Rating and other rating data, 2) a download link for an audio file of the actual recorded interview.

Results are sent out 1-2 weeks after the date of the OPI.

What is the cost of the OPI?

Fees for a formally-rated OPI are 40 JOD ($56.50 USD) per interview.

Is there any way to get the results back earlier than 1-2 weeks?

Yes.  Results can be rush ordered and received within 2-3 days.  Fees for rush order OPI’s are 60 JOD ($84.75 USD).

I don’t need formal written results... just the rating and some helpful feedback.  Can I sit for an interview and get this information immediately after?

Yes.  We do provide informal OPI’s for those who do not need or want formal written results.  Everything remains the same in the OPI process, except that results and feedback is given orally directly after the OPI is completely.  The fee for an informal OPI is 25 JOD ($35.31 USD).

Does CGE Jordan conduct OPI’s for Arabic dialects or for Modern Standard Arabic?

Yes.  We currently offer OPI’s for Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)* and the following dialects:

  • Jordanian
  • Palestinian
  • Syrian
  • Lebanese
  • Iraqi
  • Egyptian

*OPI’s may also be conducted for Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), keeping in mind that the OPI is completely oral and no part of

  the interview will involve writing.

Should I take the OPI more than once?  What do you recommend?

It is recommended that a candidate’s first OPI be scheduled after 6-9 months of study and then again once every 6 months until the desired rating has been reached.

How do I schedule an OPI evaluation?

You may schedule your OPI by clicking on the link below.  If you require special assistance, please contact Christine or Enas at our main office number: 06.535.0771.

Schedule an ACTFL OPI evaluation through our secure online appointment form.


The 101 Most Used Verbs in Spoken Arabic: Jordan & Palestine is more than just a book of most used verbs. It is the definitive resource for Spoken Arabic, containing everything a student of Arabic needs to gain fluency in speaking and understanding the everyday language used by Arabs in the Levant (Jordan, Palestine, Syria, & Lebanon).

This book contains more than 850 definitions from the 101 verbs as well as very practical sample sentences which provide crucial context learners need for mastery.

Now in its expanded 3rd edition, the 101 Book will enable any student of Arabic to isolate and master these most frequently used verbs while also being able to acquire another 700 high frequency verbs found within the verb inflection charts appendix.


We know how difficult it can be to get settled in a foreign country, especially when you might not fully understand the language and culture there.  That's why we, from the moment you contact us about studying in Jordan to the time you return to your country, we are committed to assisting you in any way we can.  We want to make sure that you successfully navigate the ends and outs of living in Amman with the least amount of frustration.  And best of all, we don't charge for administrative fees for these services.  Here are just a few of the ways that can assist you:

  • Arranging for airport pickup or return transportation
  • Short-term travel insurance needs
  • Housing in and around the CGE Jordan & University of Jordan area
  • Mobile phone and Internet setup assistance
  • Tourist visa consultation and and annual residency card assistance
  • Volunteer opportunities facilitation
  • Fitness gym recommendations
  • Excursion trips (some guided) inside of Jordan
  • Travel bookings and guided trips to Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt
  • Cultural orientation seminars for groups

Once you've applied for your study at CGE Jordan, don't hesitate to ask for our assistance.  We are ready to serve you!

Additionally, it contains one of the most exhaustive lists available for broken plural nouns (over 800), along with many other helpful tools. A MP3 CD is included and contains 10 hours of high quality audio. The 101 Book has been used by thousands of students, both in the classroom and for personal study. It has proven itself to be the an essential book for serious students of Arabic dialect.

The author, Fridrik Tiedemann has lived and worked in Jordan since 2001.  One of his passions is to help students of Arabic find success in their quest to learn one of the richest and most challenging languages of the world.

Order The 101 Most Used Verbs Book Now!

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